Week Eight: Cookies, Cupcakes, and the Capitol

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Vanessa Espinoza

This week was so busy and exciting all at the same time. I was really only at NIST twice this week. Monday and Tuesday of work were filled with data analysis. Officially the busyness began on Wednesday. We took our NASA tour on Wednesday and it was so cool! We got to tour some awesome places at Goddard. During our tour their annual Jamboree was going on and I got to collect lots of free space posters and learn about all of the different projects that are going on at NASA. Our awesome SPS director treated us to some ice cream sandwiches and it was the most tasty ice cream sandwich I have ever had. The coolest part of our tour was when we got to see the Hubble Telescope Mission Control Center. All in all, NASA was a success.

On Thursday I went to an Origin training that NIST sent me too. For those that do not know about Origin it is practically excel on steroids. It was such an informational training and I learned how powerful this software is. I think that this training was a good thing, not only for my summer research, but also for my career as a scientist.

On Friday morning some of the interns and I took off super early to try to get a cupcake from Baked & Wired. This is a famous cupcake place in Georgetown. I am not a morning person, but these cupcakes were definitely work waking up at 7 a.m. Friday was another tour, but this time we took off to the capitol. We got to sit in on a briefing about space science, which was super cool, especially after our NASA tour on Wednesday. After the briefing, we toured the capitol. There were so many places in the capitol that I had not seen and thanks to our awesome tour guide we had an fantastic experience. After lunch I headed back to work and was able to get a little more work done.

Once it was officially the weekend I was in study mode. Most of this weekend I spent my time working on practice subject GREs. During my break time I had the chance to get in a few soccer game. A perfect balance of soccer and science was what my weekend turned out to be. Well crunch time is officially here and this is my last full week at NIST, so I’m excited to see how it will all fall together. 

Vanessa Espinoza