Week Six: Eggs and Einstein

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Monday, July 18, 2016


Vanessa Espinoza

This week was kind of a weird week because it felt shorter than usual. Work, as always, seemed to fly by. I am kind of worried because I feel like there’s so much I want to do, but not enough hours in the day. I have started a new project and that is very exciting. The group meeting this week went pretty well and I am happy that I am able to gradually work on my presentation rather than trying to put it all together in the last week. Most of my workweek outside of work was filled with the usual. If I am not studying, I am working out, and if I’m not working out I’m eating or sleeping. The fact that my senior year is quickly approaching means that GRE studying has to get serious. 

Aside from the usual I got to spend some time relaxing at the SPS BBQ that happened on Thursday. It was nice to get to spend some time networking, even if I was a little late. There was food and fun, a perfect evening if you ask me. Friday quickly approached and I spent the evening eating dinner with some of my fellow interns. Saturday was somewhat of a lazy day, meaning that I woke up at 8 am as opposed to 6 am. We took a stroll to Foggy Bottom where we met up with Courtney and all journeyed to our outreach event together. It was actually really fun. We got to be a part of the “Meet a Nobel Laureate” event where we did a SOCK demo for children. Aside from the humidity, it was really fun to see how interested all of the children were in science. After our outreach I walked home and relaxed for a while before heading to brunch with some of my roomies. I have never had brunch before, but was pleasantly surprised to see how delicious it could be. I spent the remainder of my Saturday napping and finally woke up in the evening. I ended my Saturday with some quality time with my roommates.

On Sunday I went to a BBQ in Maryland that was hosted by a NIST mentor. The food was awesome and although the commute was long I had a great time!  It was fun getting to hang out with other researchers that I usually don’t get to interact with. I ended my evening by watching cupcake wars. I am excited for this week. It is already time to give our NIST tour and I hope my fellow interns enjoy their time at NIST! Well only 4 more weeks, I hope I have time to finish everything!