Career Resources

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You’re getting a degree in physics – what does that mean for your career? More than likely, your job title won’t be “Physicist,” maybe it’ll be “Research Assistant,” “Systems Engineer,” or “High School Teacher.” SPS has compiled all our career resources in one place, including information on navigating career options, the application and hiring process, and advice articles written by SPS members and advisors. Some of these resources contain interactive workbooks, video webinars, and job title lists to help jumpstart your job search.

Many of the resources you’ll find here are a product of the Careers Pathway Project which was carried out by the American Institute of Physics through its Statistical Research Center and the Society of Physics Students. The project was funded by a National Science Foundation grant. 

Careers: The Application / Hiring Process

There is a lot to know about the hiring process. This section has all the resources you need to build a strong resume, land an interview, and how to turn networking opportunities into a job.

Career Advice

Here you'll find career advice covering everything from work-life balance, to setting career goals, and everything in between.

Careers: Articles by SPS members and advisors

The best place to find advice, best practices, and career knowledge is through your predecessors and current SPS advisors. We’ve compiled all the previously published articles on careers written by SPS members and advisors, here. They cover topics such as: exploring career options, how to present yourself as a physicist to potential employers, how to find your place in the “real world.”