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SPS helps physics students transform themselves into contributing members of the professional physics community. SPS represents the 2-in-1 combination of the Society of Physics Students and the physics honors society, Sigma Pi Sigma. The Society of Physics Students represents more than 5,000 physics undergraduate students at over 800 colleges and universities across the United States, while Sigma Pi Sigma has over 100,000 lifetime members.

Funding for these programs comes from the generous contributions of donors through Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honors society. Both SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma are housed within the American Institute of Physics, a non-for-profit umbrella organization for ten other science societies.

SPS Leadership Scholarship recipient Krystle McLaughlin

Since 1985, SPS has given more than $800,000 in the form of scholarships, awards, internships, and fellowships to students
across the country, and SPS continues to give more every year!

Thinking of making a gift to support SPS programs?

Here are some things to consider!

  1. The entirety of your gift will go directly towards improving the richness of experience of today’s physics undergraduates.
  2. Your gift will go to supporting a broad range of programs, from merit based scholarships, to community outreach programs, to summer internship programs in Washington DC, and much more!
  3. You can support SPS programs in many ways besides writing a check or using a credit card; your gift of stock, bequests, and matching gifts from your employer are gratefully received.
  4. Over the past 50 years, half of U.S. economic growth has come from investment in science and technology; by supporting the education of physics undergraduates today, you are supporting the physicists, doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow!
  5. Your support will help students across the country, just like Krystle, to fulfill their dreams of a career in the physical sciences.

Information on how to donate

Want to know more? Call us at (301) 209-3007, or reach us by email at sps [at]