Week Six: Flourishing & the Fourth

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Megan Anderson


Enjoy a three-day work week. 

Meet more staff members thanks to a company-wide lunch. 

Discover honeydew soft-serve sorbet. 

Melt along with it as you sit licking your cone in the sunshine. 

Soak in the summer air and the company of friends. 

Eat remarkably good sushi at a happy hour price. 

Learn about research that relates to bubbles. 

Bond over knitting. 

Accidentally fall asleep during one incredibly relaxing “restorative” yoga pose. 

Climb over your embarrassment. 

Share an indoor picnic with your SPS crew on Independence Day.

Camp out on the Capitol steps to see the celebratory concert thanks to the Capitol Hill intern. 

Get evacuated when the rain gives way to thunder and lightning. 

Come back post-rain to hear Carole King, Sesame Street, Lindsey Stirling, and others. 

Watch the fireworks even after they hide in a haze of clouds and smoke. 

Discover that the metro isn’t all that crowded despite the day’s excitement. 

Spent the next three days exploring.  

Enjoy meeting new people.

Visit the American Art Museum, National Portrait Gallery, National Museum of the American Indian, and Air & Space Museum. 

Make your way to the International Spy Museum and the Zoo. 

Walk around with wide eyes but just enough confidence to distinguish yourself from tourists. 

Persevere when caught in the rain.

Reflect on how your country’s growing up. 

Reflect on how you are growing up. 

Trust that today’s growth has purpose; perhaps then you can call it flourishing.






Megan Anderson