Week Five: Going with the Flow

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Megan Anderson

 Metro station

Example 1: Caught in the rush of commuters exiting the metro station? Go with the flow. Sacrifice a bit of your personal bubble for the good of public transportation.  

Example 2: Didn’t buy enough groceries for dinner this week? Go with the flow. Try the sandwich place downstairs. Enjoy the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


Example 3: Visiting a cupcake shop with fellow interns? Go with the flow. Peek into the display. Notice the allergy-friendly one and prepare to be amazed in a good way.

Example 4: Missing your sisters? Go with the flow. Appreciate the marvels of modern technology with more FaceTime than usual.  


Example 5: Did your parents’ friends offer to take you to dinner? Go with the flow. Eat in an old fire station, discussing everything from cooking shows to operas. Walk around lovely Alexandria. 

Example 6: Find a place with fun music? Go with the flow. Dance to the beat with your physics friends. Feel happily beat afterwards.  

 Baseball game 

Example 7: Congressional baseball game on Wednesday night? Go with the flow. Watch America’s favorite pastime after your bedtime. 

Example 8: Surprised that you’re already halfway through the internship? Go with the flow. Take little detours. Soak in every bit of time you can.


Example 9: Connect with a food scientist through a side project at work? Go with the flow. Learn about a very fun way of applying physics principles.

Example 10: Realize you never fully introduced your internship? Go with the flow. Write a post about that phrase as a metaphor then turn the conversation toward the phrase hidden within a definition. . .  


rheology – the science dealing with the deformation and flow of matter

This word comes from the Greek roots rheo- (“flow”) and -logy (“the study of”). Thus, while the day-to-day work I do involves historical research and writing, the scientific content is quite literally about going with the flow!

Until next time ~ 


Megan Anderson