Week 4: Fourth @ DC

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Jose Corona

This week has brought a whirlwind of events, especially due to the celebration of our nation’s birthday.  Several of us from WISH banded together to go watch the fireworks on the Capitol.  The fireworks were preceded by a concert with many great artists and performers.  Despite the fourth of July being the highlight of the week, there were other things that occurred this week in the busy streets of DC!

I intend to dedicate the bulk of this blog to Independence Day, simply because of the importance of the date… and because it’s a holiday and therefore a day off (a great benefit of working for the government)! :) Another reason that I am more interested in recollecting the events that happened on the fourth is due to the fact that the rest of the week was rather mundane.  Everything that took place during the week were merely routine.  Wake up early, go to work, return home and sleep… And as our shampoo bottle reads, “Rinse, lather, repeat!” 

So, instead of rambling on about such trivial affairs, I will make this blog a little more colorful than the rest, and include pictures I took on our excursion to see the fireworks.  Such as this one…


I had not visited a major shopping center while in DC, I am glad that we were able to run over to Union Station and explore some of its stores.  I was amazed with the interior architecture! It is not every day that you go to a shopping center and there are statues surrounding you. 


Yet again, here I experienced a moment where I realized that I am in the heart of our nation.  Furthermore, I also acknowledge that this might be only opportunity in my life of living here, and I must see as much as I can while I am here.  I can envision myself visiting in the future, but not living in this wondrous city. 

Finally, I would like to wrap up with a picture of “A Capitol Fourth” which was a concert topped off with the fireworks.  The rain tried to scare us away and was about to prevail.  There were moments in which members of our group wanted to leave but we decided to tough it out.  We were all wet from head to toe, especially our bottoms due to the wet steps we sat on.  Even though these were all reasons that made the event a bit unbearable, now I can boast to my friends and family that I have experienced the fourth of July in Washington DC! Additionally, it is quite a story to tell and as a result it shows our dedication and pride to being a part of this great nation! 



Jose Corona