Week 9: BC Reunion

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Monday, August 8, 2016


Jose Corona

Week Nine has come to an end, which means a few different things.  First, it means that my last weekend in DC has just passed, this past week was my last full week of work, and the last week of the program is underway! I am pretty excited to see what more is to come in these last few days.

On Monday, Maria invited me to play airsoft with her coworkers at NASA Goddard.  I had never been to play airsoft, but was I willing to give it a try.  I am glad I got to participate in this event! We were all pretty beaten up afterwards, but we shared the pain, excitement, and above all the fellowship of this gathering.  It was interesting to see how the dynamic shifted from nervousness to joy after a few rounds of playing.  Thanks to everyone who showed up and was able to make it such a fun time, and special thanks to Maria for inviting me to play and get to meet everyone there.

As far as my last weekend in DC is concerned, I spent some of it in DC and some of it in Warrenton, VA.  On Saturday, Vanessa and I went to our last pickup soccer game at Adams Morgan.  We got to meet a lot of great people out on the pitch, and I gave my goodbyes to everyone there.  Later that day my friend, Andrew, whom I spent last weekend with, drove down to the Soaper’s house for a barbeque.  It was a blast, there were people from Bridgewater who I was really close and graduated with.  Everyone there was happy to see each other and spend some time playing cornhole, swerve ball, and other great festivities. It was a great way to spend my last full weekend at DC!

Now, to start off the week on the right foot and to wrap up this great summer in this final week.  I will be working at NIST three of the days and spending the final two at ACP.  I need to make sure that everything is ready to go for Friday… Super excited to give my talk and to listen to all the great things everyone else did this summer too!


Jose Corona