Week 2: A Starry Night... and work

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Sunday, June 19, 2016


Jose Corona

After another week of being in Washington D.C., I am not sure even where to start to describe my experience thus far.  Even though it has only been two weeks in this wonderful city; there has already been many unforgettable moments.  I have yet to explore much of the city, but I do intend on discovering as much as possible with due time. 


As far as work is concerned, I am starting to finally piece everything together, and the objective of the project is becoming clear.  I have also adjusted to the hours, most importantly, my body clock has slowly adapted to waking up at six in the morning. It had been three years since the last time that I had to wake up at six on a consistent basis.  This week has been successful and productive.  I have been able to simulate the arrangement of detecting the electric field.  I am also hopeful that we can find a relationship between the tip of the probe and the electric field.  According to my mentor, if we are able perform the simulation correctly and determine the relationship between these structures then this project can be published.  A publication would be the greatest accomplishment of my career.  Starting Monday morning of this upcoming week, I intend on doubling my efforts towards achieving success in this project. 


I have very much enjoyed the socials that SPS has provided the interns.  Week One’s Astronomy on the Mall was fun, and this week’s bowling event was also amazing! I realized that I have been bowling a lot recently, and I have had the privilege of playing for free.  Therefore, I appreciate all that SPS has managed to pull together for the interns.  Most importantly, the food that we had at bowling was exquisite.


Additionally, getting to go see the monuments at night was a marvelous experience.  Sadly, we were only able to see half of the monuments due to the reparations that are being made to the metro this summer.  Despite that, we were able to tour the World War II, Vietnam War, and Einstein exhibits to name a few.  Having the opportunity to witness and understand what these monuments represent is simply breathtaking.  It was a memorable night, a night that will be engraved in my mind for a very, very long time!



Jose Corona