Cardboard Regatta Champions (Again)

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Cardboard Regatta Champions (Again)


Oscar Peterson-Veatch, SPS Chapter President, Augustana College

Members of Augustana College’s SPS chapter, known as the Physics and Engineering Society (A.P.E.S.), celebrate taking first place in the 2021 Regatta. Photo courtesy of the chapter.During Augustana College’s homecoming week, several competitions are held between the student organizations. Our SPS chapter, the Augustana Physics and Engineering Society (A.P.E.S.), traditionally participates in just one of these competitions—the Cardboard Boat Regatta. We were thrilled to take home the championship again in 2021!

In the fall of 2017, members of A.P.E.S. decided to design a cardboard boat with greater longevity—one that the club would be able to use for years to come. After we agreed on a design, several hours over the span of a month were spent constructing the boat using only cardboard, duct tape, and contact cement. The base is the strongest part of the design, ensuring no water can enter the boat.

We continued to refine the design and eventually constructed the boat pictured. We’re proud to say that A.P.E.S. has won the Cardboard Boat Regatta each year since we began entering this design! We enjoy showing off a little every year, as ours is the only boat that has endured through multiple years of races.

The Augustana Cardboard Boat Regatta is a really great way for our club members and the members of other student organizations to come together and have some fun. We are proud of what we were able to build together!

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