Stephanie Marie Williams

Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Marie Williams

Graduate Student

Stephanie Williams is a graduate student at the University of Maryland pursuing a Ph.D. in education. As an undergraduate student Stephanie was heavily involved in her local UMD SPS chapter, as a member, then the Outreach coordinator, and finally as the president. She was also an SPS summer intern in 2018, working for the Center for History of Physics in College Park, MD under the mentorship of Dr. Greg Good.

Stephanie graduated with a degree in astrophysics from UMD in 2019 and took a year to pursue qualitative physics education research. Continuing her education in the fall of 2020 as an education Ph.D. student at UMD, she plans to continue her physics educational research and work to bring equity to the physics classroom. She also currently works as the Lead Physical Science Educator for the Carnegie Academy of Science Education in D.C.

Outside of SPS Stephanie has been involved in numerous organizations including Women in Physics, Access Assembly Network, the UMD makerspace, International Women In Physics Conference team,  SSTEM scholars program, etc.