General Physics

Test how much energy is required to walk, run, or hike by measuring factors such as heart rate, oxygen uptake, and respiratory quotient.

Create a Cloud in a Bottle from a just a few simple materials! This demonstration can be used to explain the process of the water cycle and the formation of a cloud. 

Use mousetraps and ping pong balls to understand how nuclear reactors work.

Learn about "passive" cooking through this energy efficient workshop! Participants will make pasta noodles by using hot water and an insulated travel mug, and eat a delicious meal. Water molecules, energy, heat, isolated systems - these are only a few physical concepts introduced in this engaging demonstration!

Build a device that releases ring shaped air vortices that are visualized using smoke to show the wonders of fluids

Explore the properties of liquid nitrogen while making a tasty treat. This demo is great for chapter socials and smaller outreach events.

Students learn about glass, how glass is formed, and under what conditions that can occur.