Graduate School - How do I Pick the Right School?

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Danielle Weiland

Finding the right graduate school and program can be tough! For example, programs include science policy, material science, education, theoretical and experimental research. Some important factors to consider when choosing a grad school include: available research funding, advisor-student ratio and support, mental health programs, specialty clubs and events.

SPS has many online resources to help you navigate grad schools including (GSS) - a streamlined directory of physical science graduate schools. GSS lets you search programs by acceptance rates, GRE requirements, specialty degrees, state, region, and much more.

Learn more about finding the right graduate school, what factors to consider, and more about GSS, here. The 2018 GSS Directory will be available in the coming months!

Here’s what students are saying about

“The most important thing for me was to be able to see very specific areas of specialization. What research do faculty do that doesn't fit into a broader category of research.” -Physics Grad Student, University of California - Santa Cruz

“Before I was aware of your website I would search a University's website to try to obtain some of the same information that you have on your website. This process was very time consuming. Now that I am using this website I am able to get even more information about a University's physics department in lot less time. This website is a valuable tool and all undergraduate and graduate students should use it.” -Physics Grad Student, Ball State University

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