Professional Development

Linda Cassidy

SPS Zone Meeting

Jun 14 2018

Elliott Capek

SPS Zone Meeting

Apr 20 2018

Roberto C. Ramos

SPS Zone Meeting

Mar 23 2018

Robert Tarchinski

SPS Zone Meeting

Jan 26 2018

By engaging in activities and networking outside your field of expertise, you can gain new insigh

Staying motivated, overcoming obstacles, and knowing your limits are just some lessons that can b

The follow-up email is an important tool in your networking arsenal for staying in contact and en

Jan 29 2018

The 4th edition of the Careers Toolbox  is now available for students and advisors.  Download the pdf or order the print version.  Discounts are available for bulk orders.  All SPS Advisors and Department Chairs will also receive print samples in the mail.

*People’s preferences vary for posters, so make sure you get expert opinions before you print.


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