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 3 Sigma Pi Sigma and SPS members applaud a speaker at the 2022 Physics Congress.

Sigma Pi Sigma Membership:

  • shows exceptional achievement in physics and astronomy
  • signals outstanding service to the community
  • is a lifetime of membership and learning
  • connects you to a vast network of scientists
  • links you to the physics and astronomy community for life

Sigma Pi Sigma is a mark of distinction, and a network of over 100,000 scientists, educators, and advocates.

  Mark Vande Hei, flight time 33 days; Stephen Bowen, flight time 40 days; Linda Godwin, flight time 38 days

Our members are leaders in Physics and Astronomy:

Every year we induct future leaders in Physics and Astronomy - you've been chosen because you have demonstrated the same excellence, dedication to service, and worth as the rest of the community. Among our members you can find Nobel prize winners such as Walter Brattain and Andrea Ghez, and NASA Astronauts like Stephen Bowen and Linda Godwin. We would like to welcome you to a vibrant network of physicists, astronomers, scientists, and many other professionals.

Sigma Pi Sigma is part of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS)

Sigma Pi Sigma is a certified member of the Association of College Honor Societies. ACHS is an organization of honor societies promoting best practices in recognizing and promoting excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and research, and seek to continually maintain the highest standards by providing annual reports and undergoing regular re-certification. Sigma Pi Sigma has been a member since 1945. Membership can be confirmed at the ACHS website.

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