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Sigma Pi Sigma encourages its members network, engage in dialogue, volunteer, and keep up on the latest trends in physics. Members can engage with each other and the national office via our social networking communities.

LinkedIn Group

Professional networking group for members of Sigma Pi Sigma.

Facebook Group

Social networking group for members of Sigma Pi Sigma


Brief posts on news, announcements, and general interest topics.

  • @SPS_physicsnews (The latest physics-related news and information from the SPS/Sigma Pi Sigma Communication Specialist at the American Institute of Physics.)
  • @SPSwebster (Creative Services Director Tracy Schwab at the American Insitute of Physics.)
  • @SPSNational (Tweets from the SPS national office)
  • @SPSDirector (SPS/Sigma Pi Sigma Director Brad R. Conrad, Ph.D.)

An online forum that connects high school students with physics graduates.

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