Fall 2016 Chapter Awards

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Fall 2016 Chapter Awards

Students from Northern Virginia Community College with their Self-Driven Electromagnetic Wheel.  Photo courtesy of NVCC SPS chapter

Congratulations to the following winners of the Fall 2016 Chapter Awards. These awards are made possible in part by generous contributions from Sigma Pi Sigma alumni. See examples of past award-winning projects.

Future Faces of Physics Award

Future Faces of Physics Awards are made to SPS chapters to support projects designed to promote physics across cultures. The goal of the Future Faces of Physics Award is to promote the recruitment and retention of people from groups historically underrepresented in physics.

California State University, San Marcos
CSUSM Society for Diversity in Physics
Project Leader: Josefa Gregorio
Faculty Advisor: Justin Perron

Colorado School of Mines
Future Faces of Physics with CSM SPS
Project Leader: Nicklaus Smith
Faculty Advisor: Chuck Stone

Green River College
Energy: Harnessing the Power of Nature
Project Leader: Alyssa Leano
Faculty Advisor: Ajay Narayanan

Metropolitan State University
Be a Scientist Day
Project Leader: Michael Roos
Faculty Advisor: Jeff Loats

Rhodes College
Smashing Stereotypes: Egg Drop for Memphis Girls
Project Leader: Eleanor Hook
Faculty Advisor: Brent Hoffmeister

University of the Sciences
“Turn”ing Up with Physics
Project Leader: Despina Nakos
Faculty Advisor: Roberto Ramos

SPS Chapter Research Awards

The SPS Chapter Research Award program provides calendar year grants to support local chapter activities that are deemed imaginative and likely to contribute to the strengthening of the SPS program.

Air Force Academy
Collisional Processes in Alkali-Buffer Gas Systems for Alkali Laser Development
Project Leader: Jeremiah Wells
Faculty Advisor: Alina Gearba

Cleveland State University
Deducing Size and Shape of Gold Nanorods in Solution from Depolarized Dynamic Light Scattering Data
Project Leader: Ilona Tsuper
Faculty Advisor: Kiril Streletzky

Loyola Marymount University
Quantum Droplets: Pilot Wave Phenomena
Project Leader: Luciano Manfredi
Faculty Advisor: David Berube

Northern Virginia Community College
Atmospheric Muons as a Probe for the Higgs Vacuum Energy and of the Lead Stopping Power
Project Leader: Cioli Barazandeh
Faculty Advisor: Walerian Majewski

Southeast Missouri State University
Hybrid Photo-Magnetic Actuation for Target Specific Killing of Damaged Cells
Project Leader: Varun Sadaphal
Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Kessler

Texas Lutheran University
Thermal Imaging to Determine Heat Loss from Structures on TLU Campus
Project Leader: Daniel Moreales
Faculty Advisor: Toni Sauncy

University of Kansas
KUbeSat Primary Cosmic Ray Detector
Project Leader: Billie Lubis
Faculty Advisor: Dave Besson

William Jewell College
Shaping Analysis of Magnetic Fluids
Project Leader: Denver Strong
Faculty Advisor: Blane Baker

Marsh W. White Awards

Marsh W. White Awards are made to SPS chapters to support projects designed to promote interest in physics among students and the general public. The Marsh W. White Award dates back to 1975 and is named in honor of Dr. Marsh W. White for his long years of service to Sigma Pi Sigma.

Abilene Christian University
Jazz Gluon Fusion
Project Leader: Hannah Hamilton
Faculty Advisor: Tim Head

Adelphi University
Lab for Kids
Project Leader: Tara Pena
Faculty Advisor: Matthew Wright

Appalachian State University
Edible Laser
Project Leader: Jack Griffin
Faculty Advisor: Brooke Hester

Cleveland State University
Sounds and the Sources Around Us
Project Leader: Samantha Tietjen
Faculty Advisor: Kiril Streletzky

Lamar University
Engaging Our Youth: Raising High School Students’ Interest in Physics through Thought Provoking and Interactive Demos
Project Leader: Carlos Caballero
Faculty Advisor: Christian Bahrim

New Mexico State University
Demonstrating the “Phun” Side of Physics through Hands-On Projects
Project Leader: Ashley Allred
Faculty Advisor: Boris Kiefer

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Bridge the Gap Initiative
Project Leader: Rachel Maizel
Faculty Advisor: Gyorgy Korniss

Towson University
Science After Hours
Project Leader: Emileigh Shoemaker
Faculty Advisor: Parviz Ghavamia

University of Central Arkansas
Demo Show Series Inspired by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
Project Leader: Charles Bertman
Faculty Advisor: William Slaton

University of Southern Mississippi
Promoting Physics to the Community
Project Leader: Andrew Giovengo
Faculty Advisor: Michael Vera

University of the Sciences
Catch That Wave: The Physics of Waves
Project Leader: Katee O’Malley
Faculty Advisor: Roberto Ramos

SPS Chapter Project Awards

The Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter Project Award provides funding of up to $500 for chapter inductions and events.

St. John’s University
Sigma Pi Sigma Induction Ceremony
Project Leader: Rachel Tyo
Faculty Advisor: Charles Fortman

University of the Sciences
Reviving the Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Chapter at the University of the Sciences
Project Leader: Roberto Ramos
Faculty Advisor: Roberto Ramos

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