The Superposition of Art and Physics

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The Superposition of Art and Physics


Hannah Chapman, Emma Goulet, Michael Rochette, and Carl Zent, SPS Reporters, Saint Anselm College

At the 2022 Physics Congress, artistic scientists and science artists shared their one-of-a-kind works highlighting the intersection of the two pursuits. Media ranged from ceramics to pins to paintings. Here is a sample of the many inspiring pieces and creators we photographed.


Consider sharing your artwork at the 2025 Physics and Astronomy Congress.

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Kim Dylla is a professional artist whose pieces fuse science and art. Her stunning oil paintings on display at the Physics Congress, Stellarator, create a surreal image of the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Germany.


Sol’s Hearth, by Brian Ross, is an expressionist sculpture of our solar system that demonstrates its history.


Sarai Rankin encompasses cosmos and culture in her digital representation of a beautiful pollera de gala skirt-dress.


Krystal Scott stands in front of Through the Physics Glass, a transformative piece that uses physical and digital art to demonstrate her journey from engineering to physics.


Sophia Sauceda poses next to a visualization of her research on quark coalescence and meson formation.


Simon Ji and Caleb Scott-Joseph discuss the rich images they captured with a visual telescope rigged to track space objects and take long-exposure shots.


Mennatalla Ellaqany shares her photographs of astronomical objects, a hobby she started just two months before the Physics Congress!


Carl Zent smiles in front of his detailed sketch of a fly, which portrays the beauty in small things.


Div Chamriass stands with Shattered Flowers, an image of a composite film he took with a scanning electron microscope during his research. 


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