Letter from Don Nelson

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Letters and Feedback

Letter from Don Nelson

Don Nelson of Indianapolis recently sent in a donation and letter, shared here.

I attended the congress in Orlando in November. It was well organized with excellent speakers—a real treat to attend.

I am looking forward to the next one. The Orlando congress was my third one in a row. Each one was extremely worthwhile. You can be very proud of what you put on. It probably takes 4 years to recuperate from the last one and plan for the next.

Are some of the talks recorded and available on your website? If not, they should be—they were that good!

Also, you do an excellent job with Radiations! I always look forward to receiving it.

Yours truly,

Don Nelson

Editor's Note: Audio and video files of several plenary speakers from the 2012 Quadrennial Physics Congress are available online at: sigmapisigma/congress/2012.

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Letters and Feedback