Physicist Profiles

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SPS compiles physicist profiles to help students, parents, and the public learn about the multiple career paths available to those who study physics, and typical factors associated with various jobs. Submit a profile here.

Shelly Finley

Science and Technical Project Services Supervisor - South Pole

Haider Ala Hamoudi

Associate Professor of Law

Ernest Petti

Technical Supervisor

Amy Rodgers

Sales and Trading Analyst

Kimberly Titus

Research Assistant Professor

Carlane Pittman

Director for Outreach

 Jennifer Groppe

Physics Teacher

Roger Hoyt

Program Director

Martin Luling

Research Scientist

Alfred DeAngelis

Research Physicist

Marshall Burns

President and Co-Founder

Paul Martenis

Science Teacher

Madhulia Guhathakurta

Associate Research Professor; Physicist

Anthony Johnson

Professor; Director, Center for Advanced Studies in Photonics Research (CASPR)

Sharon Lappin

Intermediate Highway Designer

Randolph Wojcik


Keith Ofsowitz

System Safety Engineer

Clara Asmail


Stephen Karis

Research Physicist (former fighter pilot)

 Howard Wallace

Radiation Protection Administrator

Kimberly Wiefling

Manufacturing Engineering Product Manager

Michelle Rubin

Program Manager

 Steve Calderone

Programmer Analyst

Jason Coleman

Senior Programmer

Carl Landis

Associate Medical Physicist

Michelle Gross

Senior Noise Engineer

Harold Chadsey


Adam Daire

Core Technology Scientist

Paul Davis

Applications Engineer

Eric Lee

Etch Manufacturing Tools Project Leader

Mark Tritch

Project Engineer

Sergio Valdes

Reactor Coolant System Engineer

Salvador Tiscareno

Electro-Optic Engineer

Gregory Rigden

Senior Scientist

Michelle O'Brien

Physicist, Ionizing Radiation Division

Amy Nelson

Staff Software Engineer Architect

Major Matthew H. Briggs

Aircraft Commander and Instructor

Ian Harnarine

Filmmaker and Adjunct Faculty

Ben Stein

Director, Inside Science

Ed Beach

Lead Game Designer

Michael McNeary

Scientific Software Consultant