Society News

Sep 29 2015

AIP recently released the 2016 data on physical science departments on (GSS). Students will find up-to-date, comparative information on graduate programs and physics research in the United States and other countries.

Sep 28 2015

2015 Google Science Fair winner Pranav Sivakumar, an aspiring young astrophysicist and member of SPS from Illinois, is the first-ever repeat Google Science Fair Global Finalist.

Sep 25 2015

When the SPS National Council met in September, not only was the group working to shape the future of the society, it was also real-time professional development for the student members.

SPS summer interns and national office staff on the steps of the American Center for Physics.

Sep 14 2015

The twelve 2015 Society of Physics Students interns will have very interesting answers when asked what they did this summer. A summary of their project outcomes alone is staggering.

Daniel Golombek's El Telescopio de las Estrellas: El Hubble y los Enormes Observatorios del Siglo XXI (The Telescope of the Stars: Hubble and the Huge Observatories of the 21st Century)

Jun 8 2015

The Hubble Space Telescope’s discoveries over the last 25 years have revolutionized our understanding (actually our ignorance) of the cosmos and forced the rewriting of the astronomy textbooks.