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Art Contest Results

Honorable Mention

Cara Taber, Undergraduate, Grove City College
for "Seraina," a linoleum block print.
$75 cash prize.


Awe, by Cara Taber

Photo by Phillip Payette

Seraina spent many hours in high school pouring over physics homework with me, and through our joint effort, we passed the class and grew to love physics. Now Seraina studies physics at Case Western Reserve University. Represented here in this linoleum block print is her determination and hope for the future. This determination is also reflected in the background-- the Swiss Alps, a tribute both to Seraina's dual Swiss-American citizenship, and the famous CERN located on the France-Switzerland border. She proudly represents the ever increasing communities of both international and female physicists. No doubt the physics community will see great research in the future from Seraina, probably still proudly sporting her "Schr÷dinger's cat is dead / Schr÷dinger's cat is not dead" t-shirt.

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