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Art Contest Results

Artist's Choice Award

Kristal Feldt, Undergraduate, University of Kansas
for "The Bubble Chamber Reliquary," a sculpture.
$50 cash prize.


The Bubble Chamber Reliquary, by Kristal Feldt

Photos by Aaron Paden

The Bubble Chamber Reliquary was a project for my introductory course to metalsmithing. A previous course in astronomy at the university and further research introduced me to the beauty of neutrinos and particle collision, which have become recurring themes in both my sculpture and art jewelry. So I created a spherical container to place symbols of my sister (a more logical mind, symbolized by a Feynman diagram) and myself (a more creative mind, symbolized by the visual representation of particle collision). The reliquary itself is sealed shut (a symbol of the inescapable blood bond between the two of us). The holes, or bubbles , help represent the bubble chamber in which the particle collision occurs and give the observer a peek at the symbols inside. The bubbles might appear to be random at first glance, but a look at the side shows that they actually are symmetrical to the bubbles on the other side.

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