DC Scavenger Hunt

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Participate in the Washington DC Scavenger Hunt

The 2022 Physics Congress Breaking Boundaries Committee has put together a fantastic scavenger hunt which will be available on the meeting app. Below are hints to help you with your journey!  Everyone who completes the scavenger hunt will receive a completer prize.  Be sure to head to the Student Engagement table near the SPS store to collect it!

Step 1

Location 1 - Go to the Museum of Natural History

(optional note: If you would like to take the metro, it's just a short ride along the red line from the Woodley Park Zoo/Adams Morgan station to the Metro Center station. The museum is about half a mile walk from Metro Center station.)

Hint 1 - Take a picture of at least three members of your group posing like the Nation's T. rex in front of the building. 

Step 2

Location 2 - Go to the Air & Space Museum

Hint 2 - Find a stellar statue and take a picture of at least two members of your group reaching "To the Stars" alongside it. 

Step 3

Location 3 - Go to the Art & Industries Building

Hint 3 - Take a picture of one person in your group pointing to Science and her owl.  

Step 4

Location 4 - Spot the Washington Monument

Hint 4 - Take a picture with at least one member of your group "holding" the tallest building in DC.  

Step 5

Location 5 - Go to the National Academy of Sciences Building

Hint 5 - Take a group selfie with Einstein.