Breaking Boundaries Event

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The Physics Congress 2022 will feature an event called “Breaking Boundaries” focused on promoting SPS chapters from across the country. The goal is for students to visit with and learn from one another, while also finding ways to improve their own chapter. Each chapter has its own unique culture, and the aim of this session is to have them be able to share ideas and items that other chapters can take to their institution.

Activities that will take place simultaneously during the “Breaking Boundaries” event include chapters showcasing their accomplishments and advice, Blackout Bingo, and a sticker exchange and T-shirt design contest.

Chapter Showcase

Chapters will have table space and are encouraged to fill it with things that represent their chapter and its culture. Examples of items and ideas that can be presented are given below. Concrete items and activities for other chapters to take are encouraged: outreach manuals, fundraising guides, pins, stickers/stamps, t-shirts, etc.

Ideas for your Chapter Showcase



Blackout Bingo

To encourage students to visit as many tables as possible, each person will have a bingo card to fill out with the chance to win prizes via a raffle drawing.

Sticker Exchange and T-shirt Design Contest

There will also be a Sticker exchange and subsequent t-shirt design contest, where a chapter can bring a number of new stickers to put into a pool and then receive that same number of stickers from various chapters.

We hope that by encouraging and rewarding different forms of chapter participation, students will be excited to show off their chapters and learn more about what other chapters across the country are doing.