#PhysCon2019 Video Competition

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The National Office of SPS is pleased to announce a Video Competition to promote PhysCon 2019. Submissions for the competition should consist of short videos that creatively promote PhysCon 2019. Videos might include bad physics jokes, use of the spherical cow, outreach demos, physics puns, and/or incorporation of the SPS logo; however, other themes and props are welcome. Each chapter may submit one video. Submissions should be made to the SPS National Office via this Google form by October 1, 2019 and should display #PhysCon2019 somewhere within the video. Videos received by the deadline will be uploaded to the SPS National Instagram account; voting will take place @SPSNational Instagram only. Chapters are encouraged to share videos on their own social media pages. The chapter receiving the most “Likes” during the voting period from October 8 to October 22, 2019 will be declared the winner. The winning chapter will receive $600 in financial support for members to attend PhysCon 2019. This award is contingent upon attendance at PhysCon 2019. 

Contest Rules

  • Videos can be no more than 1 minute in length, including credits. Videos over 1 minute will be disqualified.
  • Videos must be .mp4 format.
  • The video should highlight one or more elements of PhysCon and positively promote the event. The video should display #physcon2019 somewhere in the video.
  • Be creative but keep in mind that decorum must be maintained; avoid the illegal use of copyrighted materials and videos containing profanity or other inappropriate content (including music lyrics). Videos deemed inappropriate will be disqualified.
  • If the video is not recorded in English, please be sure to subtitle it in English.
  • Submissions must be made through this Google form

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SPS National office at sps [at] aip.org