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Physics "Phine" Art Contest and Exhibit

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The 2008, 2012, and 2016 PhysCon art exhibits and contests were great successes, and we’re looking forward to new artwork and participation in 2019.

See 2016 Art Contest Winners | See 2012 Art Contest Winners

Attendees are encouraged to submit their 2-D and 3-D creations for display and/or judging at the 2019 Physics Congress (PhysCon). Selected winners will display their artwork and be featured on the PhysCon website and published in Radiations and The SPS Observer magazines.

List of those competing in the 2019 Art Exhibit.

Art Exhibit Rules

Submissions of any type of visual arts, such as collage, drawing, hologram, painting, photograph, pottery, printmaking, and sculpture, etc. are invited from PhysCon attendees. Collaborative projects, particularly those by SPS or ΣΠΣ Chapters, are also invited. Artwork should be mounted by 8:45AM on Friday, November 15th, and will remain in place for the day.


  • General Science
  • Unifying Fields (mixed media)
  • Making Waves & Breaking Boundaries (PhysCon theme)


  • Award for Best in Show recognizes the overall most outstanding piece of art as determined by the session judges. Artwork will be judged on artistic merit, originality, category-specific attributes, accompanying abstract and adherence to submission guidance.
  • Award for People’s Choice recognizes outstanding artwork as selected by session attendees.
  • Awards for General Science, Unifying Fields (mixed media) and Making Waves & Breaking Boundaries (PhysCon theme) (3 awards) recognize the relevance of the piece to the specific category and how well the piece conveys scientific content.

Judging Criteria

Artwork will be judged based on the following considerations:

  • Artistic merit
  • Originality
  • Category-specific attributes
  • Does the work really fit in the category? 
  • General Science: Is the science evident? How well does the art convey the scientific principles?
  • Unifying Fields: How well does the art integrate mixed media into the presentation? Is it visually interesting?
  • Making Waves & Breaking Boundaries: How well does the piece demonstrate the conference theme? Potential topics could include cause and effect, overcoming labels or obstacles, physics concepts that involve waves, recycled materials, or inclusivity.
    • Accompanying abstract (description of artwork)
    • Is any scientific information correct?
    • Does the description enhance the viewer’s experience?
      • Adherence to Rules for Submission (listed below)

Artwork Specifications

  • All entries submitted must be the original work of the entrant.
  • 2D artwork must be mounted on a stiff backing (e.g., cardboard, poster board or foam board) to which strips of Velcro will be adhered for hanging. Artwork must be able to hang as described without damage to the work, and protrusions can extend no more than 4" from the backing. If your work of art is too heavy to be suspended by Velcro, please contact the Art Committee Chair, Brittney Hauke, at Brittney.hauke [at] prior to submission.
  • 3D artwork should weigh no more than 20 lbs. and should fit on a 3' x 3’ table top, unless advance arrangements are made prior to submission. (For advance arrangements, contact the Art Committee Chair, Brittney Hauke, at Brittney.hauke [at]
  • Abstracts must be mounted separately on a stiff backing (e.g., cardboard, poster board, foam board, or some like material), and should fit onto a 4 x 6” index card. 

Rules for Submission

  • Entrants may submit multiple works of art, either individually or as part of group submissions. Work may be designated as “display only” if the artist prefers that it not be judged.
  • Artwork must meet the specifications listed above.
  • Artwork must be entered by the artist into one of following categories:
  • General Science
  • Unifying Fields (mixed media)
  • Making Waves & Breaking Boundaries (PhysCon Theme)
    • Each submission must be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 250 words, summarizing how the piece exemplifies the theme for which it is submitted. Each abstract should be mounted onto a 4 x 6” index card and will be hung next to the entry.
    • Artists must complete the abstract submission form on the PhysCon website by October 11, 2019.
    • Artists are responsible for transporting their artwork to the PhysCon.
    • Artists may install their work in Exhibit Hall B between 8:00AM and 8:45AM on Friday.
    • Artists are asked to stand alongside their artwork during Art & Poster Session I, Friday from 10:15am – 11:45am. For those also presenting a poster, please inform the art committee chair. We will schedule your poster presentation in the 2nd Poster Session on Saturday.
    • Artists must remove their art after the last plenary on Friday November 15 between 6pm-7pm.

Compliance with these rules will be monitored by the organizing committee, but exceptions may be made with advance arrangement, subject to approval by the organizing committee. If you have questions about the eligibility of your submission or want to request an exception, please contact the Art Committee Chair Brittney Hauke at Brittney.hauke [at] prior to submission. All submissions are due by October 11, 2019.

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