PhysCon Group Travel Awards

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California Dreaming: Congress Roadtrip!



Assist student groups attending PhysCon 2016.


SPS is offering regional travel support for student groups traveling via ground vehicles to attend PhysCon 2016.

How to Apply

Submit a short travel budget (less than 250 words) including: Group leader, full names and affiliations of confirmed PhysCon registrants (at time of submission), starting city, method of transportation (personal car, rental, university van, etc), total mileage estimate, and travel dates.


Award Details

  • Funding will be allocated up to $0.05/student/mile to a maximum of $500 per vehicle. Preference is given to the first submission from an institution. 
  • Larger seating capacity vehicles, such as vans, are encouraged to help minimize the environmental impact.
  • All vehicles must contain at least three people attending PhysCon to receive funding. 
  • You are welcome and encouraged to carpool and apply jointly with others in your region – contact your ZC or AZC for assistance. What zone are you in?
  • Funds are limited and applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until October 1 or all funds have been disbursed.
  • Questions? Contact the SPS national office.