Week 9: Second Bulletin and Looking Ahead

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Sunday, August 1, 2021


Julia Bauer

This week was one of the most meaningful of my internship. I published my energy equity bulletin with the editing help of several FYI staff members. This bulletin was distinct from my wildfire bulletin in that it addressed two topics--Shalanda Baker’s nomination hearing and a congressional hearing on energy equity initiatives--rather than only one. Energy R&D policy, the thematic link between the two article subsections, challenged me to think about the myriad legal and financial obstacles impeding low-income communities’ access to reliable energy. 


After publishing, I received emails from readers inquiring about different aspects of the bulletin. Aside from being impressed at the breadth of FYI’s readership, I enjoyed thinking more about FYI’s utility in a variety of academic and governmental professions. These email interactions also prompted me to think more about how my experience this summer researching and writing about science policy might translate into a career path. The variety of science policy articles I either read or published this summer is reflective of the variety of science policy careers at large, which I find very exciting.  


It has been a privilege to immerse myself in a discipline that is both meaningful and intellectually challenging this summer. I look forward to sharing my work with my intern cohort and other members of the SPS community on Friday. 


Until next week,


Julia Bauer