Week 9: Big News

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Monday, August 2, 2021


Maura Shapiro

I considered holding off on some news to give this blog post a surprise ending, but I’m too excited and too impatient. So, the big news: I accepted a job with NBLA to co-make and co-host a physics history podcast! This is my dream job for so many reasons: I love podcasts, I love physics history, and I love working at AIP! It also gives me time to finish all the projects I will not be able to see through by the end of this internship. I’ll be honest, the interview process was slightly awkward, answering questions like, “tell me about your experience with archival research,” and I recited the work that they know I do. Still, I couldn’t be happier or more eager to start!

In other internship news, my “Which Physicist Are You” article for the NBLA blog, Ex Libris Universum is going well. Volunteers in NBLA worked with me to find our favorite physicists, profile them, and write about them. I met with people from web design and marketing to make a cool graphic and now that the tree diagram is drafted, I’ve forced all my friends and family to take the quiz. No spoilers here, but I am a Benjamin Banneker. This project has been really fun to learn about more physicists and work with people in NBLA that I don’t normally get a chance to! I even led a planning meeting which was sort of surreal. I can’t wait to see a finished graphic and to see which physicist everyone is!


Maura Shapiro