Week 9: The Final Presentations

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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Benjamin Perez

Our final presentations are tomorrow and it has been a hectic week. At work, Arvind came back from Italy and we are putting the finishing touches on my PowerPoint. It was a long process from the rough draft to the final product, but Arvind’s constructive criticism has helped me refine my presentation and hit the main points of the talk while skipping over the less important details. He also gave me a few more pointers and some words of encouragement for tomorrow. Sadly, he will not hear my final presentation at ACP because he has to catch up on work that he fell behind on while overseas. This afternoon, I received more feedback from Joe and Daniel when I gave my presentation run through at ACP. They seemed to enjoy the talk and I was happy to receive more criticism about my PowerPoint so I can improve in any way possible. I have put the finishing touches on the slides and am ready to rock this presentation.

With this week under wrap—except for the presentations tomorrow—I think this has been one of my most productive weeks. I got a presentation ready, almost finished COMSOL, toured the Capital Building, and went to Toni’s going away party. I look forward to finishing the final presentation and being able to have more time to finish my research at NIST without worrying about a PowerPoint to make. It should be a fun time at the event tomorrow. I have heard many of the talks from the other interns and if they go as well as they did in the warm up rounds then the guest are in for a great day. I am sure the mentors, family, and friends will also be happy to see their person do well when they are front and center stage. I am happy the stress will soon be over and we can do well on Friday.

Benjamin Perez