Week 5: Yoga, Sweat, and Fireworks

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Friday, July 6, 2018


Collin Flynn

Half way

Already halfway!

This summer has been flying by, and this week was no exception. Last weekend all of the interns got together to throw a party celebrating Brigette’s birthday. The following day my friend Rees, who i met working at NASA, came down from College Park, MD. We got a free one day pass to “check out” Gold’s gym, since he couldn’t get into George Washington’s gym without a pass. We finished up and headed back to root for Argentina during last half of the France vs Argentina game…. Unfortunately Argentina did not win :(

On Sunday, I learned something new new about Phoebe and Elon, they’re into the yoga! So that morning we all ended up doing yoga together. My end of summer goal? Be able to touch my toes (DON'T JUDGE MY INFLEXIBILITY). Later a couple of my roommates and I headed over to a pool open to locals. We had a pretty relaxed weekend overall in preparation for the 4th.

Monday we had a ‘picnic,’ which was really more of a relaxed dinner with the interns and their mentors, and some others from AIP and SPS. My professor Doc Feller will be glad to hear the food was great (He’s a foodie)! We got the chance to meet the creators of the board game “Fluxx,” and play the game with them. Great game, highly recommend. I would try to explain it, but Nathan and I have spent the last ten minutes trying to figure out how to describe it with no luck, so I guess you’ll just have to go buy the game. I was lucky to get a ride there from my mentor, but on the way back we hate to walk through what would be an insane heat wave. I was drenched in sweat, and I think my backpack must’ve been jealous because my water bottle went off and SOAKED my bag, don’t worry the computer was fine! :)

The fourth of July was amazing, but SOOO HOT! Nathan and I were the only ones brave enough to go to the parade in the heat. We stayed for about an hour before we couldn’t take the heat anymore. Still seeing those giant balloons characters in person was quite extraordinary. After that, we met up with Rees and went to lunch with the other interns. They had a free concert at the national mall with the Beach Boys, Pentatonix, Andy Graham, and a bunch of other musicians and singers. Good concert for the price, am i right? Recommendations for people going next year-- GO EARLY. Decent seats are easy to find, but if you go early you could get some great seats. Don’t be like me and go 20 minutes into the concert!!!!

Rees and I left early to grab a good seat for the fireworks. I think DC does fireworks right. I was expecting at least an hour of fireworks like they do back home, which always feels a little dragged out. Here they do about 20 minutes of SPECTACULAR fireworks. It was breathtaking.

This weekend were hoping to get to the zoo, and hit up a few museums.


Tune in next week on Collin’s Blog post

Collin Flynn