Week 5 - Anniversary blackjack and a lazy weekend

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Roberto Gauna

This past week was uneventful in both the internship and my personal life.

My girlfriend and I stayed home most of the week and cooked.

It wasn't until Thursday, our anniversary of 4 years, that we decided to get out.


I had been wanting to go to the casinos for a while, but haven't had the time (nor the money).

So finally we decided that we would go try our luck at the Hollywood Hard Rock, mostly because it's free to park and walk .. but also because its a gorgeous building.

We got there and wandered around for about an hour amazed by the beautiful structure and the hoards of people losing their money.

I have gone to a couple of casinos before but the rules at this one were a bit different (i.e. cash only, always need a card to play even if at a table ..., children are allowed in? )


My girlfriend doesn't like gambling, but she does have a soft spot for blackjack since there is some structure to the game.

So wandering around we find a blackjack table to sit at the dealer tells us that the buy-in is $75 a hand ... so we immediately leave and find a nice comfortable $25 a hand table.

After struggling to converse with the dealer over the sound of the casino games and patrons we buy in and place down $25 each.

I immediately blackjack and the dealer busts; we're up $55. We go for a 2nd hand; the dealer and I push and my girlfriend wins another round. Now we're up $75 and we both instinctively decide it's time to cash out. When you're up, you're up. Now we have dinner and gas money


The rest of the week was pretty mild. Her brother came to stay with us for the weekend and we watched some Hulu.

We went to her uncle's apartment and enjoyed the pool and some BBQ for the holiday.

We hosted her mom and grandmother for the firework show.

And I taught her mom how to play Texas Hold'em


Like I said pretty uneventful.

This upcoming week I will have more to post about the internship

Hopefully some interesting graphs on what we are investigating

But for now, happy July!


- Rob Lobsta

Roberto Gauna