Week 3: All Men Must Die

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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Benjamin Perez

This post contains spoilers about Game of Thrones.

Game of thrones has become a big part of our group. We started the routine of watching the show Sunday night together and then Monday gathering around and discussing our theories of last night’s episode. Some of our fellow interns have even converted to Game of Thrones enthusiasts as well. Nick impressed me the most by binging three days on the series to make up three and a half seasons so he could watch GoT with the rest of us. We have talked about it so much that we discovered Toni Sauncy, the head of SPS, is also an avid Game of Thrones fan as well. The show has given us a point to bond and has brought us closer over the summer.

For the final episode of the season, Toni was nice enough to invite us over to her house for pizza and a GoT viewing party. Sunday’s episode did not disappoint my expectations either. With Aria heading to Bravos, Tierney escaping Kings Landing after killing his father, and Stannis coming out of nowhere to take control of the North beyond the wall there was not a dull moment. The storylines have started to converge, and has everyone developing his or her own theories of how the Game of Thrones will end. The worst part about tonight’s episode was knowing Season 5 doesn't start until next spring, and who knows what madness the new season will bring!

The show has a cruel hold on everyone who loves it. They are able to kill off your favorite character yet have such a compelling storyline you can't look away. All I can say for those who don't watch the show is try it out. Make sure you have a lot of time because it is an addicting show, and you will be hooked like the rest of us eagerly waiting to see what happens next.

Tomorrow, we will undoubtedly fall into our Game of Thrones routine again as we gather around the cubical Monday to discuss the latest episode. Our theories maybe wrong every time we develop them, but that’s half the fun of guessing. Some people may believe that this show is purely for entertainment value, but to us interns this is more than a regular show. It truly has helped us become closer as friends and helped start the friendships that we will carry on for the rest of our lives.

Also Go Spurs Go!!!

Benjamin Perez