Week 2

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Sunday, June 13, 2021


Joseph Watson

This week at SPS: This week, we got to meet the members of the executive committee of SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma during a happy hour.  We got to play skribblio which was very fun while playing with a set of physics words.  There were several times where some of us knew what it was, or at least the topic, but couldn’t put our finger on the actual correct word.  There were even times after we switched to random words that we all knew what it was and most of us couldn’t spell whatever it was.  We had a great time!


This week at NASA: This week we had a cool tour of one of the labs.  They had an exact hardware and wiring duplicate of flight systems for hardware testing and simulation.  This was really cool to see how they got that setup.

I recently recueved some assignments for the EXCLAIM project.  I am going to be optimizing some design elements for a few hardware configurations, and I will also be working on doing some engineering drawings of some hardware components to be sent off for machine work.  I am very excited to be working and getting experience and meeting people!


Mind-blowing fact of the week:  The complexity of even the smallest parts is remarkable.  Some intricacies are for light-weighting, for structure, for mounting, for assembly, and so on.  These will certainly be a challenge to draw for the machine shops, but it will be a great learning experience!

Joseph Watson