Week 1: Introductions and Metadata

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Saturday, June 5, 2021


Kirk Kleinsasser

My internship had a great start this week! I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know my fellow interns and the awesome people at APS. We met with SPS staff on Tuesday for orientation. It was great to learn more about the organization and get some tips for the summer.

The other APS interns and I received a very warm welcome from APS staff and got our various onboarding work completed. I met with my mentor on Wednesday morning and I started work on my project that afternoon. I was very excited to meet everyone and begin my project! I didn’t get too far into my work this week, since I had a large quantity of meeting and personal commitments, but I made some progress into the initial workload and got a feel it.

On Thursday, we met with all the other SPS interns for a meet and greet over lunch with Dr. David Helfand, AIP Board Chair. His thoughts on science communication and misinformation was fascinating. Besides this meeting, I spent most of my day on my project—preprocessing data about job postings in physics to permit analytics further into the summer!

Friday was very busy, as I have some personal commitments and several events for my internship. I met with my mentor to check in on my project and received a better idea of my path forward. That evening, all of us interns met for a bad physics movie night. We had a great time watching and critiquing the logic in Antman and we had a great chat afterwards.

I’m super excited to move forward with my project and continue to make connections with my peers next week!


Kirk Kleinsasser