Week 1: Getting Started

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Sunday, June 6, 2021


Guido Dominguez

It's hard to believe my first week with the House Science Committee has already come to an end!

Needless to say this first week was full of fun, lots of learning, and meeting many great people. It all started with getting to know my fellow SPS interns and staff at orientation on Tuesday. I was already excited to be a part of a such an amazing cohort of students and meeting all of them over Zoom just reinforced the fact that I can't wait to be able to meet them all in person one day.

After orientation, I met with my mentor and was able to meet the other interns working on the committee to go over expectations as well as what my day to day is going to look like. Since this week is the week following Memorial Day, the House of Representatives was in recess for most of the week so for the time being there were no congressional hearings for me to attend and take notes on. 

But just because Congress was in recess doesn't mean that I got the week off. Instead, I spent most of it attending different briefings, talks, and summits being held this week. All of them related to how the United States can combat climate change through investments in clean energy both domestically and overseas. I can safely say that while the path to net zero carbon is going to be difficult, I am more hopeful now than ever that we will achieve it. 

I am excited for Congress to be in session next week and looking forward to the rest of the summer!

Until Next Time, 


Guido Dominguez (he/him/his)