Halfway Already??

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Friday, July 6, 2018


Daniel A Morales

Oh, how the weeks have just gone by so quickly! SPS has really done a great job with coordinating the internship to where we are constantly on the run and surrounded with people that make the time fly by. This week was full of events, especially since it is was the week of America's birthday in the capital of the USA. I expected a full-on celebration with American hubris everywhere I looked. Least to say, I was not let down by far. I adore the city and the various people that inhabit every area: from Greenbelt, MD to Foggy Bottom in the heart of DC. 

Before the festivities, I was able to attend a picnic thrown by ACP and some of our SPS coordinators. They must have known that I am from Texas and that pulled pork/chicken is the true way to a Texan's heart. A good barbecue is just what I need to get my week started! I was able to mingle with Sacha, Lydia, Paulo, and Mr. Brad Conrad himself with some friendly games and food to accommodate. I met the creator of a card game called Flux, and now I have my own autographed playing card (you all better watch out, once I learn how to play that game, I WILL be on my A-game with my own personal card). 

Celebrating the Fourth began with midday drinks at a nice English restaurant (ironically of course). We decided to attend the capital concert, where I was able to see the Tempions and Beach Boys. The fireworks were amazing to say the least. I was extremely exhausted from being out all day and began to prepare for another day at work. 

My project is coming along well and I hope to be able to share more details in the next couple of weeks, but for now I will leave everyone in suspense. I am registered for my poster session to with the other NASA interns already and I am extremely excited for next week! We are receiving tours of the other interns job locations and eventually they will get to see where I work every day in lab. These blog posts are short, but they are serving me great purpose in helping me remember these good times and memories I am making with everyone here. The next half of the program will fly by as well, but I plan on finishing strong at work and in the gym regardless! 

Daniel Morales