Zone 15 Meeting

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SPS Zone Meeting

April 7, 2018

Leonardo Museum, Salt Lake City, UT

Meeting host:

Society of Physics Students


Vanessa Chambers

SPS Chapter:

The Zone 15 Annual Zone meeting was a great success this year! We had 20 attendees from 5 institutions. This is the biggest zone meeting with the most chapters represented in recent memory. This year we had a 50th Birthday Party for SPS. We organized a birthday party package from at the Leonardo Science and Art Museum in Salt Lake City, UT where we were able to have a meeting space to mingle with other chapter members and conduct some zone business. 

We opened with a meet and greet where each member introduced themselves before we broke into teams for the faculty speaker and learning activity. Tonya Triplett, the USU SPS co-advisor, spoke about ways that SPS chapters could be more effective at outreach. She discussed the state learning objectives and how SPS could use these to not only make chapter outreach more effective, but how we could help educators continue to use our ideas and help to be more effective in their own classrooms every day. Part of this was having members work in groups of two on a learning objective for 4th graders so we could see a useful demo from the audience perspective.

After this discussion, students broke up into teams of 5-6. Each team was given a learning objective and were then tasked with finding appropriate demos for the objective and discussing how they would present these demos to their respective age groups. They then presented their ideas to the other groups. The team that did the best job were awarded prizes. 

We then had cake and ice cream for the birthday party, during which the candidates for Zone Councilors and Associate Zone Councilors gave their candidacy statements. Vanessa Chambers then answered questions posed about the benefits of joining SPS National and way to get more involved at the national and local levels. 

A group photo was taken, then everyone dispersed to enjoy the museum. 

Zone 15 Meeting Attendees Zane Gerber, Jared Coles, Jordan Lybarger, Lori Caldwell, Beth Caldwell, Bo Johnson, Tyler Stokes, Shishir Khanen, Jonah Barber, Tonya Triplett, Teddy Anderson, Galen Bergsten, Joseph Blanton, Julia Kamenetzky, Sage Yeager, Tamara Young, Ben Lovelady, Valeria Villegan, and Vanessa Chambers.

Areas of Alignment:

Meeting and Greeting

Playing with Perspective!!

Optical Illusions

Lego Yoshi