Simon Wright

AAPT/PTRA Teacher Professional Development Intern

Marissa Murray

AIP FYI Science Policy Communications Intern

Dahlia Baker

NASA Goddard Space Center Intern

Maria McQuillan

NASA Goddard Space Center Intern

The annual gathering of the Fermilab Users Organization will be held on June 15-16, 2016. Preceding the Annual Users' Meeting on June 13-14 is New Perspectives 2016, a conference for graduate students, postdocs, and undergrads to present their work to an audience of peers in a low-pressure environment. Abstract submission for these presentations must be completed through the Indico event before May 15th. The deadline to register for New Perspectives and the Users Meeting is Friday, June 1st 11:59 pm.

Hannah Hamilton

Oct 28 2015

A Sneak Peek at PhysCon

Reflections on Getting Ready for the Big Event

A Comparison of Two High-Energy Physics Gigaprojects