Cleveland State University SPS Chapter

Lunchtime Physics Club for True Inquirers

The SPS Zone 1 Meeting will take place from 11:00 am - 7:00 pm at Bowdoin College. Registration for the Zone 1 Meeting can be found here - https://goo.gl/forms/esBS3d5gLqascLUu1

The Zone 7 SPS Meeting will begin on Friday, January 26, with registration at 6:00 pm, and go until Saturday, January 27 at 2:00 pm. This zone meeting will feature oral and poster research presentations. 

Meeting registration can be found here

Zakary Noel

SPS SOCK & the NIST Summer Institute Intern

Jacob Robertson

SPS SOCK (Science Outreach Catalyst Kit) Intern

Victoria (Tori) Eng

AIP Center for History of Physics Intern

Lexxi Reddington

AIP Center for History of Physics Intern

Michael Forkner

The Optical Society Intern


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