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2016 Quadrennial Physics Congress

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2016 Quadrennial Physics Congress
Hosted by Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society

November 3 - 5, 2016
Hyatt Regency-San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

2016 SPS Congress Planning Committee Criteria, Role of Alumni, and Timeline

Adopted by Council, September 21, 2013

Goal: Initial group of 8 people (half faculty, half students). Committee will tend to grow with time, but we expect a committee of no larger than 12. All should be willing to commit to regular webinars/conference calls (early on monthly, every other week as Congress approaches).

Faculty Criteria

  • Must have been involved in some level at a prior Congress
  • Must have a demonstrated commitment (past and future) to Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS
  • Should be willing to take leadership role in sub-committee work
  • Selected pool should be diverse, representing many segments of the physics community. This includes faculty from a variety of institutions.

Student Criteria

  • Should have demonstrated leadership potential (e.g. Council service, local governance, or SPS Internships, etc.)
  • Willing to make a long term (multi-year) commitment to this important project
  • Should have some experience in planning/hosting a large event (i.e. Congress or Zone Meeting)
  • At least a couple of the students should be not immediately close to graduation
  • Must have excellent communication skills. Should be willing to write reports, letters, and reviews.  Must respond to messages in a timely and thoughtful manner.
  • Selected pool should be diverse, representing many segments of the physics community. This includes students from a variety of institutions.

Alumni Input
We will ask for assistance from the National Office to form a Sigma Pi Sigma Alumni Advisory Committee that will provide suggestions and will bring the views of SPS alumni to the Organizing Committee on a regular basis.

We will accept applications for the Planning Committee until November 8. The Congress Chairs will work with the National Office Staff to develop an application and advertise the Committee. The Committee will be formed by November 30.