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Art Contest Results

Honorable Mention

Glenn A. Marsch, Associate Professor of Physics, Grove City College
for "Transparancies," a photograph.


Transparancies, by Glenn A. Marsch

Photo by Phillip Payette

A still life of a crocus blossom in a shot glass, showing an interplay of light through various materials.  Visible light is easily transmitted though the windowpane.  Light passes through the water-filled shot glass as well, but refraction through a lens of this shape bends light more. Much of the arborvitae row in the background appears compressed after passing through the shot glass and looks similar to a "fish-eye's view."  The diaphanous, white petals of the crocus blossom allow some light of all visible wavelengths to transmit through the petals. Within the blossom, veins of pigment absorb lower-energy, red light, and reflect unharvested violet light to your eyes.

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