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Art Contest Results

Curator's Choice Award

Jeanette Powers, Undergraduate, Rockhurst University
for "Fractalline Fluids," a painting.
$50 cash prize.


Fractalline Fluids, by Jeanette Powers

Photo by Phillip Payette

This painting represents a dynamic system of the movement of fluid and the drying rate and interactions of acrylic pigment. The fractured surface is created by crumpling cellophane over a wet surface of paint. Pigment is then forced into the channels of the cellophane while the canvas is tilted at an angle, to allow gravity to pull the pigment down through the fractured system. This technique I have developed allows the artist to use the natural mixing that fluid dynamics creates along with the control of the artist to create an art piece which exists on the boundary between order and chaos. The result is a chaotic landscape reminiscent of leaves, cells, rivulets, the cracked dirt of arid land: all chaotic processes which leave a recognizable mark. The pattern is not exact, but exhibits self-similarity at different scales. In my experience, the struggle with creating science-based art is to keep the technical details while still creating art which is warm, human and ultimately still relates to people from all walks of life.

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