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Sigma Pi Sigma 2004 Congress Program
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Thursday, October 14, 2004
(pre-conference; optional; limited spaces—first come first served) 
Trinity Site Visit—Bus departure from host hotels: 7:00am
Chilè Cheeseburger Lunch included—see Trinity Site page for details.  
Friday, October 15, 2004 (starting at 12:15 pm)  
Shuttle Bus Schedule  
Welcoming remarks  
  Steve Feller, Sigma Pi Sigma President  12:15pm
  Marc Brodsky , Executive Director & CEO, American Institute of Physics  12:20pm
Ethics in Physics: A Personal Perspective  12:30pm
  Mildred Dresselhaus, Chair, AIP Governing Board  
Keynote Address: Pulsars and Extreme Physics  12:45pm
  Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Dean of Science, University of Bath  
Ethics in Physics I: Career Choices & Weapons Research (workshop)  1:45pm
  Moderator: Ken Ford, Author & former Executive Director of American Institute of Physics  
Break/Snack  3:05pm
Einstein, 1905, 1999: Legacy and Hope  3:15pm
  John Rigden, Author & Historian of Science  
Ethics in Physics II: Professional Integrity in Research & Authorship (workshop)  4:15pm
  Moderator: Lydia Sohn, Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley  
2005 World Year of Physics Session & Reception  5:40pm

Friday Poster Abstracts
Kick-off celebration for the 2005 World Year of Physics! Presentations from association leaders on 2005 plans across the United States and around the globe; SPS chapter demonstrations; research posters.

*Deadline for abstract submission: October 1, 2004

Lead Speaker: Alan Chodos, Associate Executive Officer, American Physical Society  5:40pm
Moderator: Karen Williams, President, Society of Physics Students  6:20pm
Dinner & Speaker  7:00pm
  Science Ethics: A Governmental Perspective
John Marburger, Science Advisor to the President
Saturday, October 16, 2004 (starting at 6:30am)  
Shuttle Bus Schedule  
Breakfast at Hotel  6:30-7:30am
Ethics in Physics III: Our Collective Role in Achieving Diversity (workshop)  8:30am
  Moderator: James Stith, Vice President, Physics Resources, American Institute of Physics  
Taking the Ethics of Einstein into the 21st Century  9:45am
  Dwight Neuenschwander, Editor, Radiations Magazine, Southern Nazarene University  
The Architects of Modern Physics & Sigma Pi Sigma Heritage  10:25am
  Gary White, Director, Sigma Pi Sigma & Society of Physics Students (SPS)  
Ethics in Physics IV: Tenure & Academic Freedom (workshop)  10:45am
  Moderator: Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska – Lincoln  
Lunch  12:00-1:00pm
Bose-Einstein Condensation: Quantum Weirdness at the Lowest Temperature in the Universe  1:15pm
  Carl Wieman, Nobel Laureate, University of Colorado  
Pursuing Einstein's Promise in the Four Corners  2:30pm
  APS Four-Corners’ hosted Plenary Session; 4 invited speakers  
Ethics in Physics: Debate of Resolutions for Sigma Pi Sigma Action  4:30pm
  Moderator: Philip Hammer, Vice President, The Franklin
Reception & Poster Session*  6:00pm

Saturday Poster Abstracts
Topics include research from any field of physics or applied physics, reports on the career trajectories of “hidden” physicists, science education activities or outreach endeavors.

*Deadline for abstract submission: October 1, 2004

Closing Banquet & Presentation of Awards  6:30pm
  Moderator: Thomas Olsen, Former President of Sigma Pi Sigma  
Banquet Speech: The First Man-Made Nuclear Explosion  7:30pm
  L. Worth Seagondollar, Former President of Sigma Pi Sigma  
Adjourn  8:30pm


Sigma Pi Sigma kicks-off the World Year of Physics 2005

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