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ONE & ONE Campaign

Calling all chapters of Sigma Pi Sigma!

Perpetuate the Heritage & Promise by sending a minimum of one Sigma Pi Sigma alumnus (through personal invitation) and one current undergraduate (through fund raisers) to be voting delegates to the 2004 Congress and to make connections with influential physicists from around the world!

Utilize this online form to designate your chapter's One & One representatives, or to indicate how many members from your chapter will be attending the 2004 Congress.

Fundraising ideas from the National Congress Planning Committee:
(Click here for PDF version)

  1. Approach the student government/senate for funds. Emphasize that it s a national meeting of physics students and professionals with top-notch speakers (list them). Mention the Trinity Site trip; a big draw for the physics community, students and professionals alike. It is also helpful to build in a contribution by the student and the department with the proposal--say $100 each or so.
  2. Buy textbooks for a discount and sell them to students.
  3. Sell t-shirts, or physic-y toys or food around campus, at a state science fair, or at other events.
  4. Sell lab manuals.
  5. Tutoring—especially, right before the exams in the freshman
    physics classes.
  6. Used book sale or silent auction.
  7. Garage sale of personal and department junk. Old scientific apparatus makes fine curiosities.
  8. Sell donuts and coffee in the physics building lobby on a regular basis.
  9. Have a car wash in winter, especially where they salt the roads.
    (Note that many Wal-Marts will match what you make so only a few cars gets a big profit.)
  10. SPS lawn crew – cut grass and do yard work in surrounding neighborhood as a group; the work goes quickly and it becomes a social activity.
  11. Sell pizza slices or cookies in dorms at exam time around mid-night.




Sigma Pi Sigma kicks-off the World Year of Physics 2005

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