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Ethics Recommendations from the
2004 Sigma Pi Sigma Congress
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Update on Ethics Recommendations--July, 2008 Download PDF Version

(Voting totals reflect votes cast by official voting delegates. Each chapter could send up to two delegates.)

  1. Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS should issue a resolution stating that ethics education be integrated into the physics program. (70 yes, 15 no)
  2. Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS should create/disseminate a set of ethics resources including curricula, case studies, speaker lists. (77 yes, 7 no)
  3. Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS should expand its efforts to involve alumni and industry in its initiatives to promote career diversity. (47yes, 34 no)
  4. Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS should assign a committee to investigate existing professional society and publisher statements and guidelines regarding ethics, with an eye to endorsing these or modifying them for our use. (68 yes, 14 no)
  5. Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS publications should have ethics-based guidelines, including those that recognize students’ roles in publications. (72 yes, 7 no)
  6. As an honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS should have a disciplinary procedure for those who violate the standards of the society. (60 yes, 20 no)
  7. Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS should issue a statement on the importance of achieving diversity in physics. (67 yes, 11 no)
  8. Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS should expand its general portfolio of programs and resources to include those targeted at groups under-represented in physics. (73 yes, 8 no)
  9. Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS should issue a statement recommending that the tenure and post-tenure review process consider more strongly the tenure candidate’s impact on student development. (50 yes, 25 no)
  10. Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS should issue a request to chapters that chapters educate and inform students about the tenure process that physics faculty undergo. (57 yes, 22 no)

Note: An 11th recommendation was proposed but failed to get enough votes for passage: (22 yes, 56 no).


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