The most transformative element of my undergraduate education

Zone meetings bring us together and build our community. They're also a lot of fun.

Christian Bayens

University of North Alabama

Ashley Lindow

Grove City College

Katrina Hanson

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

I am a second-degree black belt and a certified instructor in mixed martial arts. I am SPS.

Brittney Hauke

Brittney Hauke

Coe College

2016 Quadrennial Congress Planning Committee

I am the first generation born in the United States on my father's side. I am SPS.

Kinsey Zarske

Kinsey Zarske

University of Southern Mississippi

Former Associate Zone Councilor, Zone 10

I want to solve the energy crisis and enable ubiquitous space travel. I am SPS.

Pierre Avila

Pierre Avila

University of Houston-Park

SPS Member